Spring Lake Magnet Center
A Compact for Learning
A Partnership for High Student Achievement

The mission of the Omaha Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities that enable all students to achieve their highest potential.

The staff and parent/guardians at Spring Lake Magnet Center have high expectations of themselves and of the students.  In an effort to provide the highest quality instructional program to the students and to show how the school and family will work together to advance student achievement, this compact is provided to each family.  Consistent support of the goals of this compact means your child will learn!

Shared Responsibilities for High Achievement

As A School We Will…
•    Expect students not only to learn the basics but also additional skills to achieve their highest potential.
•    Offer special assistance and appropriate time to students who progress at different rates.
•    Set firm and fair safety/discipline policies.
•    Communicate with families about student progress toward mastery of state, local and added value standards.
•    Provide guidance to parent on helping their children with homework and with learning projects.
•    Check agenda daily and use the agenda for home/school communication when necessary.

As A Family We Will…
•    Discuss with our child the importance of working hard to get the most out of school.
•    Work at home on reading and math at least 30 minutes a day.
•    Talk to our child about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and weapons.
•    Ask questions about standards and other areas of concern at school, so that we can help support the school’s mission.
•    Sign agenda nightly after checking completed homework.

As a Student I Will…
•    Talk to my family about what I am learning and doing in school.
•    Discover my own unique abilities by working hard in each class.
•    Use my free time wisely by reading for pleasure and learning math facts.
•    Serve as a role model to my peers by honoring school rules.
•    Seek assistance from my teacher when I have problems with my homework.
•    Volunteer to share my talents by tutoring or mentoring other students.
•    Share agenda and completed assignments nightly with my family.
•    Attend school regularly:  ready to learn and homework completed.

We Support the Goals of this Compact.

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