Dual Language

The district's Dual Language Program compliments our magnet theme and offers students the opportunity to be taught in two languages: English and Spanish.  Students are in regular integrated classrooms--1/2 are from English speaking homes and 1/2 are from Spanish speaking homes.  This ensures that students will be able to speak, understand, read  and write in English and Spanish by sixth-grade.  Students must enter into the Dual Language Program in Kindergarten.


Advantages of the Program

  • Students will be bilingual
  • Students will have a marketable skill
  • Research shows that students that are bilingual do better academically
  • Students do not have to wait until seventh-grade to learn another language.


Students have the option to continue the Dual Language Program throughout the magnet pathway.

If you would like to inquire more about our Dual Language Program, please contact Ann McKenna at 531-299-2100.