Katy Cattlett



Message from the Principal...

Welcome to Spring Lake Magnet Center, home of the pumas, with Magnet themes in Math, Spanish, and Technology. We are a pre-kindergarten thru 4th grade facility. At Spring Lake, we strive for excellence and encourage all students to learn to their highest capability. Our staff of nearly 100, both certified and classified, create a safe learning environment and make learning enjoyable. Our staff sets high expectations, and the students believe in themselves. Our parents and families are involved and want more for their children. Our Parent Resource Center, the first in the Omaha Public Schools, plays an important role in assisting parents with the tools to help their students become successful learners. With Principal’s Coffees and Parent Literacy Meetings, the support allows the parents to become actively involved in their children’s education. Our South Omaha community is a strong supporter of Spring Lake. Spring Lake is the beginning of the Orange Zone Pathway that leads to Marrs Middle, the middle school magnet, and then finishes with South High. Many South Omaha businesses and agencies are involved and work with Spring Lake as partners for different educational and community projects. Once again, welcome to Spring Lake Magnet Center, where learning is the key that opens the doors of success for tomorrow’s future, our students.